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Cup Handle Heart

£6.25 / Coming Soon

Made to order, please allow an estimated 2 weeks for product to be made and shipped.


Each product is designed and made by me to the highest standard – using my two hands, a few tools and great attention to detail.

Only 2 available

Heart measurements: 5.5cm x 5cm

I design and make mugs which consist of two parts that I fix together - the cup and the handle...

These cute decorations were born when I placed one of my cup handles next to another and together they formed a heart.

I make each handle separately and carefully fix them together. I fire them in a kiln to 1,000 degrees celsius. Once cooled, I dip the hearts in a beautiful turquoise glaze just half way leaving some of the pure white porcelain clay bare. The hearts are fired in the kiln once more to over 1,200 degrees.

Lastly, the hearts are finished off with a porcelain coloured soft thread to allow them to be hung.

Each heart has a very discreet makers mark stamped on the back which states "BJC".